Canberra Executive Forum

The Canberra Executive Forum is a membership-based organisation that brings together managing directors and other senior executives from different businesses and government sectors on a monthly basis to harness the collective wisdom of peers to enhance their effectiveness as leaders.

The aim of the forum is to provide an opportunity for business leaders to become more effective by collaborating with their peers. We focus on improving organisational performance by enhancing both individual and team leadership effectiveness.

Leaders in today’s ‘always-on’, fast-paced business environment can feel like they are in permanent white water, facing increasing complexity, uncertainty and rapid change.

Despite being more connected, having access to more information and working longer hours than ever before, they may feel overwhelmed by the increasing demands on their time and attention. This may also give rise to a growing sense of isolation, vulnerability and increased stress.

The Canberra Executive Forum provides executives and business leaders with significant and sustainable benefits crucial to effective business leadership and team performance:

  • Regain perspective and enhance the quality of their thinking
  • Address their key challenges and achieve meaningful results
  • Improve the quality of their decision-making and problem-solving
  • Transform and improve their working relationships
  • Create balance and enjoy greater wellbeing

As a member of the Canberra Executive Forum, leaders will have regular opportunities to:

  • Draw on the collective wisdom and experience of a highly supportive peer group
  • Pause and reflect on the effectiveness of your responses to your challenges
  • Engage in mutual learning to address challenges and enhance effectiveness
  • Gain experience and develop insight across multiple business contexts
  • Develop collaborative relationships with inspiring business leaders.

Forum membership is by invitation only and includes:

  • 12 Monthly Executive Forums per year
  • Optional individual executive coaching
  • Access to leadership resources
  • Email and telephone support


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