Executive Learning Group Programs

Executive learning group programs are multi-faceted programs that provide regular opportunities for senior executives and managers from different parts of the organisation to enhance their effectiveness by collaborating with peers on achieving program specific outcomes. Each program is tailored to the specific needs of the organisation.

Executive learning groups provide safe, confidential spaces for participants to engage in mutual learning dialogues and share real-time experiences and strategies while working through their challenges with their peers.

Our issues-based executive learning group programs, where ‘real people work on real issues in real time’, have proven highly effective at strengthening leaders’ ability to: 

Our learning group programs are delivered by teams consisting of a Facilitator and a Group Mentor. This unique combination of professional facilitation skills and extensive leadership experience has proven invaluable in providing effective support to participants.

What Makes Us Unique?

Executive Learning Groups provide leaders with regular opportunities to:

  • Pause and reflect on the priorities of their role, their performance and their impact on others.
  • Consider their leadership practice and responses to the challenges they face.
  • Focus on their unique areas for learning and growth.
  • Harness the collective wisdom of peers in addressing their key challenges.
  • Enhance their ability to handle difficult conversations and deal with tough issues.
  • Deepen their understanding of their colleagues’ roles and the challenges they face.
  • Develop strategies to better support each other within their unique work environment.
  • Foster a network of collaborative relationships within their group.
  • Enhance the quality of communication between group members.
  • Integrate learning experiences from other programs into their daily work life.
  • Access specialist knowledge, skills and expertise of the facilitator and mentor.

The practice of mutual learning has a transformative impact on relationships and has proven effective at cultivating a collaborative leadership culture within groups.  More specifically, it has the potential to enhance:

  • Cross-functional collaboration and reducing the impact of organisational silos.
  • Information-sharing, knowledge-development and problem-solving.
  • Working relationships and communication amongst group members.
  • Cohesiveness, unity, and trust within a group.
  • Awareness and understanding of group members’ roles, priorities, and challenges.
  • Capacity to function effectively in the face of increasing uncertainly and change.
  • Appreciation of the importance of relationships within the leadership context.

By adopting a mutual learning approach to work-related issues, participants on our learning group programs have the opportunity to ground their learnings in the reality of their work environment.

Several supplementary elements, which can be seamlessly integrated into an executive learning group program to enhance its effectiveness, are typically included as optional additions for consideration:

  • Productive Business Conversations
  • Teaming Across Boundaries
  • Psychological Safety Index scan
  • Behavioural Baseline Profile scan
  • Executive coaching and mentoring

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