Our Clients

We have been privileged to be able to work with a broad range of clients since our inception.


Participant feedback forms an integral part of our programs. It allows us to continually assess what is effective and how we could improve our service offerings.

Below is some of the feedback we have received regarding our leadership development programs.

“Excellent facilitation that follows the brief given. Very strong skills in this area. Firm but with great respect – sometimes far more than we deserved! I also thought the facilitator was very skilled at inserting valuable insights of his own.”

“The facilitation was superb. Thank you. We were kept on track at all times (when it was easy to get side tracked and bogged down in details). I felt comfortable to be open and honest and felt I was in a safe environment. I don’t believe I would have felt that way if the facilitator had not been there.“

“I would say that facilitator is highly skilled in managing the group dynamic and was able to steer a diverse group through a complex maze. It is said that getting lawyers to work cohesively was like herding cats. Our facilitator is a very good cat herder.”

“The content of the program was very practical, useful and insightful.“

“The program actually reinforced to me that constructive, respectful honesty is always the best option. Having the courage to say the things that are difficult at times is essential to have a pure and productive working environment. The most important take home message for me was that “by not having the difficult conversation in fact is doing an injustice to the person and your relationship with them”. This workshop enabled me to understand that it is ok to be open and honest as long as intention is meaningful and fair.”

“I now have a much greater insight into the concept of leadership and some very thought-provoking ideas about difficult conversations.“

“The personal investment from attending the sessions with the support of our organisation has been extremely worthwhile and has shaped my professional and personal approach significantly.”

“The real value was to see and experience the growth of each of my colleagues as we all individually acknowledged our development. The ability to impact a group with a broad professional experience and knowledge and for them to acknowledge the benefit and growth was truly inspiring and gratifying.”

“Working with the facilitators has been instrumental to me and my senior colleagues in our ongoing success and development as business leaders.“

“I would highly recommend this workshop and have done so. For me I would say that this program reinforces the importance of speaking your truth, gives you the tools to do so in a productive respectful manner and also gives you the tools to see how others may perceive your actions.”

“The facilitator provided myself and the team with invaluable insight into how we can enrich our approach in communicating and dealing with those uncomfortable situations that we all find ourselves in upon a daily basis.“

“I thoroughly enjoyed the past two days and found it very productive both from the perspective of relationship building and also from the perspective of providing our Partner team with some useful frameworks and tools to maximise our engagement with each other, the market and our people. The facilitation of our diverse (and dare I say opinionated) team was excellent, providing us with a safe environment to discuss issues, and the right balance of a framework for discussion without too many constraints. I also found the tools and advice provided very useful and practical.”

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