What We Do

We work collaboratively with leaders to improve their leadership capability. Our programs are tailored to their unique needs within their specific organisational contexts.

We specialise in strengthening leaders’ capacity to handle difficult situations constructively and resolve dilemmas that impair their effectiveness. 

We have several research-validated diagnostic instruments available to focus our support and enhance the effectiveness of our engagements.

We provide a range of leadership development, facilitation and coaching services that foster collaborative working relationships and develop cultures of commitment and accountability.

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“The real value was to see and experience the growth of each of my colleagues as we all individually acknowledged our development. The ability to impact a group with a broad professional experience and knowledge and for them to acknowledge the benefit and growth was truly inspiring and gratifying.”

Leadership Development Services

Canberra Executive Forum

Membership-based forum for individual leaders:

This forum brings together managing directors and other senior executives from different businesses and government sectors on a monthly basis to harness the collective wisdom of peers to enhance their effectiveness as leaders.

Executive Learning Group Programs

Internal programs for large organisations:

These multi-faceted programs provide regular opportunities for senior executives and managers from different parts of the organisation to enhance their effectiveness by collaborating with peers on achieving program-specific outcomes.

Productive Business Conversations Program

Programs for individuals and organisations:

This two-day program provides a compelling and systemic approach to using dialogue as a major resource to transform organisational culture. The program is based on Prof Chris Argyris’ groundbreaking research at Harvard on organisational behaviour and action science. It is offered both as an in-house and a public program.

Teaming Across Boundaries Program

Programs for organisations:

This two-day program addresses the challenges associated with coordinating and collaborating across disciplines and functional boundaries. It introduces a new and more flexible way for organisations to carry out interdependent tasks and is based on the research of Prof Amy Edmondson from Harvard Business School.

Executive Coaching and Mentoring Programs

Programs for individuals and organisations:

These programs provide leaders with access to our panel of specialist executive coaches and mentors tailored to address their specific leadership development needs.

Learning to Lead Program

Program for emerging leaders:

This multi-faceted is designed to support the develop emerging leaders by providing them with a highly interactive learning experience that equips them with the foundational knowledge of leadership and management necessary to succeed in today’s challenging business environment.

Our Results

For more than a decade, 9 out of 10 participants have consistently reported that our learning group programs are ‘highly to extremely effective’ (4/5 and 5/5) at:

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